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Arena of the Bored Kings - Lead Programmer - C#

The ‘Arena of the Board Kings’ brings a highly competitive first person, splitscreen, fantasy arena duel experience right to your couch between your friends, family, or even your pets (if they happen to have opposable thumbs and intelligent thinking)! Fight to the whimsical, bitter end with an array of elemental abilities and combinations that will both astonish and annihilate your foes as the explosive and ground-shaking Mage, or the swift and destructive Swordsman. All this just to sate the boredom of two kings so caught up in boredom that they couldn’t even realise they were at war... But who started it? Find out in the Arena of the Bored Kings!

Available Here

Cosmic Slingshot - Programmer - C#

In Development With @JacobDuniam

Good Morning - Lead Programmer - C#

Everybody has their morning routine, it seems almost impossible to start your day without one. Good Morning is all about what you do before you face the world for the day. It aims to nail the aesthetic of early morning, roughly 7AM, using bright and orange colours to put you in that mental timestate so you really feel like this is really you preparing for the day. That game offers a sweet nostalgic feeling by letting the player complete their morning tasks step-by-step, like taking a shower or making some coffee. Good Morning wants you feel like you're in your home doing your thing.

Available Here

Beginning of Choice - Programmer - C#

Choose a character to go along on a journey with you to decide how the game shall end. You will be faced with options that should not be made lightly.

Available Here

Firefly - Programmer - C#

Felix the firefly is a flying survival game, based around a train station in the darkest of nights. As the player who controls Felix, you must navigate your way around this train station, dodging humans and obstacles and using your light as a resource to see ahead of you give yourself a speed boost, while also collecting light sources to survive.

Available Here